The New Jersey Film Alliance Official Blog

This will be the official blog of the New Jersey Film Alliance (NJFA). We will use this site to update members and the general public about what we are working on, events that we have held or went to, and general film & media goings on.

Our Mission

The New Jersey Film Alliance is dedicated to exposing the vibrant arts community of New Jersey to diverse forms of film, video and media. Through its programs the NJFA seeks to discover, support and inspire independent artists and audiences. We aim to educate the community about both the creative and artistic merits of independent and international film but also about the creation of these pieces as well.

Who We Are

The New Jersey Film Alliance was formed in 2009 to provide a unique and specialized experience, encourage growth in individuals, and ensure the existence of film and video in our culture. We are a diverse group of artists, industry insiders, educators and media consumers, the creators of the NJFA strive to create a unified arts community throughout NJ. Based out of Freehold NJ, we actively seek out unique film opportunities, both in screenings and productions. Our programs involved both the seasoned film fan as well as filmmakers of all levels.

Please feel free to visit us at and we’ll be posting more, soon!


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